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The FACTS about your 
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Does Corporate America include you
(Also available on kindle)
My Music is Done, What's Next? (Also available on kindle)
100 Quotes for Different Folks
100 Quotes for Different Folks
(Book II)
Don't Worry It's just Poetry

The FACTS about your INCOME
This book is design to show you the many ways of making money. IF YOU HAVE TALENT, THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE A STEADY INCOME!!! Ladies, instead of buying your teenage son a pair of Jordan’s, buy him a lawnmower so that he can make the money to buy them. Do you really need a new car with a new car payment or just a new mechanic? Do you really understand how to read your credit report? This is a much-needed book for today’s economy.

Does Corporate America Include You
This book will identify the pros and cons of our last 5 Presidents of the United States. I’ll show you how Corporate America influenced Hip-hop. I’ll explain in detail the differences in Unions or a Right to Work State. Did you know that our school districts are losing Accreditation which is forcing good teachers to quit due to funding? Will we see another recession or did Corporate America learn their lesson? I challenge you to read this book and then ask yourself this question while staring in a mirror, DOES CORPORATE AMERICA INCLUDES YOU!!!

My music is done, what’s next?
This book is designed to help you become a better promoter or artist. Through my experiences, I have found that there are certain procedures to go through to have a successful show. Also, this book will give an artist the proper information to prepare him or her for the Music Industry. If you're in the Music Industry or need some advice on promoting, this book is for you!!!

100 Quotes for different folks (book 1)
I started writing quotes on facebook and I decided to turn these quotes into a book due to the response I was receiving. “WE COMPLAIN ABOUT LIFE AS IF DEATH IS BETTER, BUT IF YOU’RE NOT RIGHT WITH GOD REMEMBER HELL IS FOREVER”. “IF YOU HAVE TO ASK A FRIEND FOR SUPPORT, CHANCES ARE THEY ENVY YOUR SUCCESS”

100 Quotes for different folks (book 2)
Book II continues where the first book left off. These quotes are straight from the heart. I focused a lot on everyday life as well as religion. “You can live with regrets, but you have to pray for forgiveness”. “You can camouflage your thoughts, but you can’t hide your beliefs”

Don't Worry It's Just  Poetry
If you love poetry, then you'll love this book. I talk about life, death, religion, relationships, love, hate and much more. So if you find something in this book that offends you, DON'T WORRY IT'S JUST POETRY!!! 

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