Carmen Brown begins her day the same as any other day, but on this day her life would change after seeing a stranger that seems to know her every move. After getting off of work, she noticed the stranger from earlier that day in the parking lot. He finally asked her for some spare change, but when she rejects him he disappears. she sees him a couple of times before arriving home and each time, he just disappear. now she’s convinced that she’s tired and is imagining these encounter so she goes to sleep. She wakes up the next morning realizing that it was just a bad dream until she talks to her friend that tells her about the events that happened last night. In carmen’s dream, she kills the stranger, but there’s no crime scene even though she wakes up with a knife in her hand. So what really happened that night? Did Carmen kill him or was it just a dream? if it was just a dream, why does Carmen’s friend know the event of that night and what happened to the stranger???? 
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An Opportune Killing
Victoria Anderson is a very smart and gifted teenager with a speech impediment. Her family moves to a small town that Victoria doesn't like because her classmates tease her. Her view of the town changes when she meets Paul, a classmate who takes an interest in her. Things are going well until Paul is bullied watch. The pan is for Paul and Victoria to meet at the old flour mill on Hobart Road. Once Paul and Victoria are there, they start kissing when the bullies appear and begin to tease them. Victoria is so mad at Paul and the bullies that she runs towards Hobart Road. Paul starts chasing her trying to explain and the bullies are chasing both of them. Victoria is at the edge of Hobart Road and inadvertently runs to the middle of the road without looking and was struck by a drunk driver. Everyone is shocked. Her injuries are not life threatening, but she is unable to move. Paul is trying to help her but the bullies harass him into leaving her there because of the fear of going to jail. Paul doesn't want to leave her, but they forced his hand. She stays at the edge of the road, dying as every car passes her. Victoria could have lived, but no one would stop to help her. She dies at midnight. It's rumored that has haunts people on the road every year on that day. Twenty years has passed and she's ready to appear again, now that Paul has a son. 
The Sound Of Fear
Teenagers love a good party, as well as a great prank but what happens when you put them together? You get one missing person and two dead bodies! Alysia and Amber are the popular girls in high school, but they both have snobbish attitudes. Pete, the prankster wants to gag Alysia, but needs Amber's participation. Once Amber agrees, he contacts a club that specializes in pranking people. The plan is now in motion. Amber convinces Alysia to go to the club that will prank her. The theme of the party is called a "Silent Party" were there are two djs that play music through headphones. Everyone in the club has on headphones and can choose to listen to either dj. Amber and Alysia are having a great time until Alysia starts hearing strange noises in her headphones. She also notices Amber has disappeared. By now, Alysia is hearing creepy commands telling her to go to the basement if she ever want to see Amber again. She starts going crazy and acting weird. She's asking anyone that would listen what is going on, but they blow her off. She finally does what is commanded of her. She sees a glimpse of a person choking someone so she immediately runs back upstairs. To her surprise, the club is empty. She is now hysterical. The voice in her headphones tells her to go back in the basement. This time, she goes through the door and starts to walk down the steps and she hears a loud noise. She turns and runs as fast as she can through the door. When she get to the main area of the club, to her surprise, most of her classmates are there laughing at her. She is so scared that it takes her a couple of minutes to realize it was a prank. Everyone is laughing and Pete reveals that he was the voice in the headphones and the person in the basement. Alysia starts to laugh as well, but then she notices that Amber is still missing. Pete blows it off by saying that she probably had to leave early. Alysia is concerned, but felt that he was right until she commented on how real it looked when Pete was choking the person in the basement. Alysia is certain that she saw two people in the basement. Pete finally convinces her that she didn't see anything and that Amber is probably home asleep. That night and throughout the weekend, Alysia tries calling Amber, but she never answered. She was a little concerned, but felt that she wanted to carry the prank out to Monday. When Monday rolls around, Amber is not in school and the police are there wanting to talk to Alysia. When Alysia goes to the principal's office, she sees Amber's mom crying and explaining that she hasn't seen Amber since last Friday night. She knew that the last person she was with was Alysia. So what actually happened that Friday night? Maybe Alysia stumbled unto a crime that was taking place during the same time of the prank.
A Dirty Little Reason
The story begins with 3 average guys who are natives of Atlanta wanting to make extra money outside of their day jobs. Nick a dread-lock wearing; savvy hustler gets influenced to start an escort business after meeting a beautiful black and Filipino exotic dancer at the local club. The only problem is convincing his friends to help with his new idea. His friends (Mark and Reggie) are devoted to their blue-collared lifestyles and want no part of Nick's brainless scheme. After convincing Katrina (exotic dancer) of the protection he would provide and the amount of money they would make, she finally agrees to it. With Nick's plan in motion, Reggie decides to go along with them since Nick was able to convince such a beautiful girl to be their main attraction. They first target a rich business owner by black-mailing him with video recordings of Katrina and him in a hotel room together. With evidence like this, he's willing to pay a large sum of money to make sure the video doesn't end up in the hands of his high powered lawyer wife. 
THE PLAN WORKED and after a few more hits they're raking in the money. BUT WHEN YOU MIX BEAUTY, JEALOUSY AND GIRLFRIENDS, SOMETHING IS BOUND TO GO AWRY!!! Katrina is nearly raped on several occasions, so she is skeptical of continuing. Nick crossed the line by introducing her to HEROIN to ease her mind. As Katrina gets deeper in her addiction, she's doing any and everything for money. She even comes between Nick's friend and his fiancé. A love triangle has formed and one of the 3 guys pays the ULTIMATE PRICE to hide his DIRTY LITTLE REASON!!!!