An Author, Poet, Screenwriter, Director and Filmmaker from St. Louis, Mo. While serving five years in the Navy, Barron started writing about his time aboard ship. "Sometimes I used to write just to ease the pain from being out to sea." Soon, those  weekly entries became poetic masterpieces!!! Barron is the author of 14 books  (2 poetry book, 2 book of quotes, 3 self-help books, and 7 novels) “Sensible Words for Everyday Life, Don’t Worry its Just Poetry, Steady Income, 100 quotes for Different Folks, book I and II, My Music is Done, What's Next? Does Corporate America Include You?" His novels are: "A Dirty Little Reason, A Dirty Little Reason Too, The Dirtiest Reason Of All, His Wife or Death, The Prison Walls And An Opportune Killing. Barron also wrote and directed several short films, "An Opportune Killing, The Longest Mile and A Reckless Victim." In 2013, Barron teamed up with Block Dvd to form a super film company called "SO BLOCK FILMS." Barron has wrote four full featured movie scripts for sale entitled: "Victoria, An Opportune Killing, The Sound of Fear and A Dirty Little Reason."
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